Headshot Process

The days of using a "selfie" for your professional headshot,  business cards, Linkedin profile etc. , are gone .   We were always told , "never judge a book by its cover" .  In reality , we are all judged or perceived ,  by our cover.   Our awesome personality,  and resume will help us shine later.  This is true in business as it is in dating and social networking !  This is where I come in.   I love helping people feel great about themselves .  And almost as important,  I want you to really enjoy the process !  How can I help you to enjoy this process:

1.  Let me do the traveling.  I will come to your location to shoot either an environmental headshot, one that includes the background, whether inside or outside.  If you require a more formal, studio background, for you or your team,  I will bring that with me.  No driving, no parking,  no stress !

2.  No hidden fees.....ever !  I Can't stand them, I have them !   Everything is included .   I have only a few packages from which to choose, there are some things like additional images that can be ordered, but the add ons, if any,  will be know to you prior to our shoot. You will not be hit with a big surprise in the end .

3.  Look at my images,  no I mean really look.   I will shoot your image.  I don't have stand ins, associates, other photographers on call, etc.  All images on my site were taken by me, and yours will be as well. We will  have a discussion on what you are trying to achieve and the message you want to convey.  Ok another cliche. " A picture is worth a thousand words . " A well done portrait can tell your story.   We want to convey your professionalism , but also your personality.   Please look at my "two legged" headshots .  Each  portrait will tell a different story.  I want to know the story you want to convey !  If need be , we will work on one together. After twenty years' experience,  I know that taking a successful portrait is more than saying cheese and adjusting the lights.  Although,  I might do those, too !

4.  No make-up artists needed.  Not one of the headshots on this website used a make-up artist! During the photoshoot our goal is to capture your message, identity, brand, personality, maybe all of the above.  It will be a technically "correct" image.  The rest of the process is done in Photoshop .  No need to worry about blemishes, red eyes, off white teeth, stains on clothing.  We all have some imperfections. We have many years experience  meticulously correcting and enhancing the portrait so it  looks its best .

5. Lets take a walk and take some pictures.  Yea its as easy as that .  We will shoot enough  poses to give you an awesome selection without being overwhelming .  Around 5 or more poses. Walking, sitting , leaning , smiling , being serious .  Again we know before hand what "look" or "brand"  we are trying to achieve, so this is the easy part,  sit back and relax !  


Environmental Headshots ...Indoor or Outdoor                                                            


               Formal studio backdrop

Minimum 2 - 3 different poses 

10 pre selected proofs for your review 

3 Final images,   your choice

Meticulous digital retouching on final selections

High res files 300 DPI,  and web sized files for Linkedin, Facebook , Etc

Total Investment  $ 295

                                   275  each            2 - 3 people 

                                   250   each           4 - 7 people

                                   Please call             8 or more 

Group Images   

                                    $ 550                   2 - 5     people 

                                       675                   6 -  15  people

                                       Please call           16 or more 


                                      $ 275  per hour   2 Hour minimum 




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